Fearless Thoughts


Finnaly Foxes Mainstore openend her doors. And for the VIPS it openend earlier then the normal opening Thank God! Im so happy i joined that VIP group a year ago that i had early acces. First thing I saw was it’s not gonna dissapoint you. The Birdy Collective really did a amazing job on them 3 stores. Love all of it! I wanted this aviator jacket so bad that I had to get it. So this post is really a big schoutout to Foxes and the Birdy Collective.

❥ Body – Belleza Mesh Venus Body
❥ Shape – Own Creation
❥ Eyes – IKON Charm Eyes Ghost
❥ Hands – Belleza Mesh Venus Body Hands
❥ Mouth – Nyam Nyam Lips
❥ Lashes – MC “Falsies” Eyelash

❥ Hair – Magika Sudden Blonds
❥ Jacket – Foxes Aviator Jacket Black
❥ Shirt – Foxes Aviator Jacket shirt
❥ Shorts – Blueberry Belted Denim Shorts Black
❥ Shoes – KC Tanika Heels


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