Off To Neverland!

Off to Neverland

Off to Neverland

”Second star to the right and straight on till morning”

”May your anchor be tight,
Your cork be close,
Your Rum be spiced
And your compass be true”

Sophia (Top Picture)
❥ Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
❥ Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands casual
❥ Hair – Spellbound Warrior Hair
❥ Feathers – Spellbound Warrior Hair Attachment
❥ Top – Dead Dollz Polly Top Red (only for maitreya) @enchantment
❥ Bottom – Dead Dollz Polly Bottom Red (only for maitreya) @enchantment
❥ Belt – Dead Dollz Polly Belt Red (only for maitreya) @enchantment
❥ Hook – [CX] Dual Aftermatch Corroded Hook @enchantment
❥ Headdress – Aisling Tortuga Princess Headdress RARE
❥ Necklace – Aisling Tortuga Princess Necklace RARE
❥ Braces – Aisling Tortuga Princess Bracers
❥ Handjewel – Aisling  Tortuga Princess Hand
❥ Ring – Aisling Tortuga Princess Rings

❥ Location Top Picture – Pirate Destiny (Nassau) @Tp 
❥ Pose Top Picture – TT Desirable girl fem still pose 01

Glowy (Bottom Picture)
❥ Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
❥ Hands – Maitreya Lara Hands
❥ Feet – Maitreya Lara Feet Medium
❥ Hat – RO Admiral Black @enchantment
❥ Hair – Spellbound Murder Of Crows I @enchantment
❥ Dress – SL Tinkerbell Fitmesh Dress RARE @enchantment
❥ Hook –  [CX] Dual Aftermatch Onyx Hook @enchantment
❥ Wings – SL Tinkerbell Gold Wings @enchantment
❥ Necklace EF The Promise Necklace @enchantment

❥ Ship Bottom Picture – Neverland Crib RARE @enchantment
❥ Pose Bottom Picture –  an lar [poses] The Neverland Series Two @enchantment
❥ Stars Bottom Picture – ANC nebra beads [sungold] pole
❥ Stars Bottom Picture – Shimmering Stars 6x6x3 Tiny
❥ Mist Clouds Bottom Picture – ANC mist cloud [sungold]

Awesome Collaboration with Glowy Styx, My Sister and best friend.
Thank you Sweetie, For doing the post together, Turned out great! Love you XOXO


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