A wind of Vengance


It begins as a whisper. A promise. The lightest of breezes dances through the rigging as it creaks above the death cries of 10,000 men. It moves through her hair as gently as a lover’s hand. That breeze, that promise, became a wind, a wind that is blown across us carrying a message told again and again of our Lady Freedom and how wise she was. A wind, my friends, of sacrifice. A wind of freedom. A wind of justice. A wind of vengeance.

❥ Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
❥ Skin – Glam Affair Stella Artic
❥ Shape – Own Creation
❥ Eyes – IKON Charm Eyes Ghost
❥ Hands – Maitreya Lara Hands

❥ Hair – Little Bones Haute
❥ top – Erratic Tia Crop Top Black
❥ Shorts – Pixicat Tilde Highwaisted Shorts Black
❥ Harnass – Obscure Spectral Harnass
❥ Hands – Muka Claire



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