❥About Sophiacated

Just your everyday kinda girl. Love to see what fashion is new within SL, and play with the items that I see. I love to stroll down every Fair or Fashionevent or whatever is going on. You can often  find me there. The fun that I have with making a outfit is that is start from nothing, and just play along with what I’ve got. Because sometimes you make the most beautifull things with stuff you have. Just use you imagination and start putting it all together.

This Site is new, also im collabarating at another site where I also post . I try to post as much as i can but sometimes I take a break, Also I post about looks that i also would wear myself.
So its not about every new item I post within SL.

The link to the other blog:
❤ Tha Situation 

This site is my fashion imagination, but I know for sure yours is hidden in you too.
I hope this site can inspire you to do it yourself, or just to look at what I’ve got so far.

xoxo Sophia


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